How it works

Luwaya is very intuitive and easy to use. Simply create an account on our website by clicking on the "Create an account" link at the top right corner of our homepage.


Once you create an account, your login details and verification instructions will be emailed to you.
Please login to post items or services if you are a buyer. If you own a real store, Please consider creating markets by clicking on the "Create market" link after you login.

Assign your listings to these virtual markets for easy management by category.


Products and services listed must be verified by an administrator before showing at the store-front. If you cannot locate a product you just listed, please give up to 24 hours before sending us an email regarding this at


Once your listing appears at the store front, It will be available when visitors search through our website and your product will be one of the listed products.


If you are an intending buyer, simply use the search form to locate the product you want to buy. You can also search by category.

if you have any question about how a feature is implemented or you think we can improve on a feature.
Please send us a mail at

Search through thousands of listings on Luwaya

Luwaya is your one-stop online marketplace where buyers meet sellers. Searching for goods or services has been improved to so that you can gain quick access to the products that interests you. We also maintain a safe community of sellers whose listings are manually verified before making it available to you. For convenience, you can pay choosing from our different payment options or pay on delivery.

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